President/Master teacher: Jian Fei Xu

Jian Fei Xu was one of the few prominent National First Rank Performers in China. He was a principal dancer, team leader and teacher in Shanghai Dance Company, member of China Dancers Association and board member of Shanghai Dancers Association.

In 1973, through a strict selection process, Xu was accepted by the Shanghai Dance School where he received formal Russian-style ballet training and traditional Chinese dance and ethnic dance training. After graduating in 1979 with top honors, Xu became Shanghai Dance Company's principal dancer. For the next 20 years, his dance career flourished. He won top prizes in the national, east China and other dance competitions.

Xu was the principal dancer in five of the most influential dance dramas in China. He played Wang Sheng in "Painting Skin", Da Yu in "The Legend of Da Yu", the last emperor in "Golden Dance and Silver Ornaments", the twelth young master in "The Rouge Button", both roles of Fu Chai and Lu Bu in "The Beauty who Fell A State". His interpretations of the characters were precise and his artistic expression was splendid. The most authoritative dance media - the DANCE magazine - sang his praise with "uncanny feat; consummation of skills." Most major newspapers in China, such as the Revolution Daily News, Wen-Hui News, Xinmin Evening News, Shanghai Art & Culture News, Shanghai Family News, ran feature articles on his dance career and great achievements. The city of Shanghai granted him with a Recognition of Excellence Award.

As an outstanding performing artist, Xu visited and performed in many countries around the world: France, U.S.A., Germany, Japan, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Lexembourg, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Columbia, Singapore and Taiwan. His performances received top reviews.

In 1998 when Xu visited the USA for the third time, he decided to stay and begin his teaching career here. While teaching, he was invited to be the leading star in "Nutcracker" and also directed many dance dramas. The former Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Lewis Brown, Jr., presented him with a Recognition of Great Services in Performing Arts. In late 2002, with support and trust of many parents, Xu opened his own dance studio. He indends to introduce vigorous and systematic training to children in the Bay Area. He also aspires to pave a way for the Chinese dance art to be accepted by the mainstream.


Julie Ma - Ballet Teacher

Ballet has been Julie's passion since she was 6 year old. She danced and performed growing up in China. She studied ballet at the Dance and Choreography Department at Virginia Commonwealth University, and took ballet and character dance for 7 years with Ms. Juliana Ispas, a former Romania Prima Ballerina. In recent years Julie has performed with Cassand Ballet, China Dance, Santa Clara Ballet, Ballet Academy of America, and Western Ballet, in full-length and excerpts of classical ballet, Chinese and contemporary works. In college she won an award choreographing for students. After stints with high-tech marketing, she now teaches children's ballet at China Dance.


Hui-juan Wang - Chinese Dance Teacher

Hui-juan Wang was a dance teacher at the Arts Academy in Ji Lin province. Ms. Wang has had years of experience in dance education, receiving honorable awards at both provincial and national levels. In 1988 Ms. Wang published an article titled "On the comic features of folk dance." In the same year she received a Teacher's Award. In 1992 she received an Editor's Award for the "Ying Xin Hong" performance. In 1995 Ms. Wang won the First Prize in Grand Competition of Teachers. Many of Ms. Wang's students have become professional dancers.


Laura Graham-Marquard - Ballet/Jazz Teacher

Laura has been dancing since she was 7 years old, studying, choreographing and performing ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern, tap, ethnic and musical theatre at Dance Arts Studio, NTAD, SJ City College, SJSU, CSUH, De Anza, and West Valley Community Colleges. She began teaching dance in 1979, at private studios, later at San Jose Unified and Los Gatos Unified School Districts, many other contracts and community based events. Laura was awarded Bay Area Regional Best All Around by Dance Masters of America in 1984. She continues studies to stay fresh and provide new information to her students including current certifications in dance, Pilates and yoga.


Michelle Xu - Contemporary/Hip Hop Teacher

Michelle Xu graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Human Biology and Minor in Communication. At Stanford, she was the Executive Director of Alliance, a hip-hop dance team. She started learning Chinese dance and ballet from her father, Mr. Xu, when she was 7 years old. With family support, Michelle became exposed to others styles of dance such as contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop, and lyrical. Michelle shows a passion for dance choreography, and has received many prizes in US dance competitions. She started teaching at China Dance when she was a high school sophomore and enjoys the experience very much.


Xiaojiu Shi - Art Teacher

Xiao Jiu Shi is an art educator and member of the Chinese Association of Artists. After graduating from the Oil Painting Department of Lu Xun College of Arts, Shi stayed on to teach. Dedicated to advanced art education for years, she has students all over the world. Her works were displayed in national and international art exhibitions in the USA, Japan, Germany and Australia. She was invited to teach at the University of Illinois in 1992. In 1998 she entered University of Iowa to pursue her master's degree in art. After receiving her master's degree, she was invited back to Lu Xun College to teach. She came to teach in the Bay Area in 2003.


Jennifer Fu - Chinese Language Teacher

Jennifer Fu had been devoted to elementary education and administration for close to 10 years in Shanghai. Before coming to the USA, she worked as a principal's assistant, branch campus' executive administrator and teacher in Shanghai's star school - Tian Shan First Elementary School. She received many top honors in education such as the prestigious "Gardener Award." She earned national credential in teaching Mandarin and was invited to host educational programs on TV. She began teaching small-sized classes in the Bay Area in 2001. Her teaching is highly regarded and her classes keep growing.