Our Mission

With top-notch and devoted faculty, well-designed programs and efficient management, we commit ourselves to promote Chinese culture by providing the Bay Area with first-class dance, language and art classes.

Our Foundation

Founded by Mr. Jian Fei Xu in 2002, China Dance & Arts aims to be a performing arts institution that attracts top talents and offers superior training programs. In the last three years, our school has gained outstanding reputation in the local community through our excellent courses as well as the brilliant public performances by our students.

In our dancing classes, we've adopted the curricula that are used in China's professional dance academies. Our students learn techniques and moves in both Chinese dance and ballet that prepare them to go long way in advancing their dancing skills. We offer dance lessons in Chinese dance, ballet, European dance, jazz and Latin dance for students aged 4 and up.

In 2003, we formed the first children's dance performance group in the Bay Area - China Dance & Arts Youth Dance Group. Its purpose is to discover talents and provide them a stage. The 60-member group had its public debut in June 2005. The performance "Stars in Splendor" showcased our budding young stars' extraordinary talent and received high remarks from critics.

We also offer Chinese language lessons using Liping Ma text books, art lessons and Chinese conversation lessons. We welcome students from all ethnic backgrounds.